No Programme Award Assigned
Programme Code: TA_BMKDM_D
Mode of Delivery:Full Time, Part Time, Modular, Distance Education, Non IT Tallaght
No. of Semesters:6
NFQ Level:7
Embedded Award:No
Programme Credits:180
Language of Instruction:English
CAO Code:
  1. TA 117

Programme Outcomes

On successful completion of this programme the learner will be able to :

PO1Knowledge - Breadth
 (a)Apply an in-depth knowledge and understanding of Digital Marketing theory, models and methodologies in the context of business, marketing and technology.
 (b)Acknowledge the importance and the role of Digital Marketing in the contemporary business world.
 (c)Select recognised Digital Marketing processes and models to develop Digital Marketing strategies.
PO2Knowledge - Kind
 (a)Demonstrate the ability to stay up-to-date in the context of discipline related knowledge and changing trends, especially related to core concepts of Digital Marketing.
 (b)Apply core concepts related to Digital Marketing across a wide range of business contexts, such as Marketing, Advertising, Information Technology and Accounting.
PO3Skill - Range
 (a)Evaluate Digital Marketing technologies and platforms that support integrative marketing initiatives and recognise their value and relevance to varying business fields and contexts.
 (b)Design Digital Marketing strategies relevant to a variety of business contexts.
PO4Skill - Selectivity
 (a)Take account of the relevance and impact of legislation, policy and ethics across a range of Digital Marketing contexts.
 (b)Take into consideration the factors influencing consumer behaviour in all aspects of working in Digital Marketing.
 (c)Analyse, evaluate and solve Digital Marketing issues using relevant frameworks and models.
PO5Competence - Context
 (a)Apply a range of software tools and applications to a variety of digital marketing challenges.
 (b)Ability to analyse, interpret and manipulate data in pursuit of solutions to a range of digital and general marketing problems.
 (c)Develop effective digital marketing strategies and plans.
PO6Competence - Role
 (a)Recognise professional, legal and ethical codes of conduct, and apply them to their day-to-day practice.
 (b)Communicate effectively across a variety of media relevant to the Digital Marketing environment, with the ability to articulate valid points of view and justification for decision making.
 (c)Work effectively with others, with an ability to manage and account for culture, viewpoint and other differences using professional development, communication and personal development skills and competencies.
PO7Competence - Learning to Learn
 (a)Seek and develop opportunities to learn and develop within and beyond their professional role.
PO8Competence - Insight
 (a)Demonstrate an awareness and appreciation of the positive role of Marketing and Digital Marketing in business, community and society.

Semester Schedules

Stage 1 / Semester 1

Module Code Module Title
ITMS H1000 Introduction to Information Technologies, Applications and Social Media
BEHV H1006 Behavioural Studies
MKTH H1000 Introduction to Marketing Theory
CSKD H1000 Critical Skills Development
INDM H1000 Introduction to Digital Marketing
Module Code Module Title
CULT H2005 Culture and Identity
GERM H1021 German 1
ADVT H1000 Introduction to Advertising
MEDA H1010 Analysing the Media
SPAN H1013 Spanish 1
FREN H1028 French 1

Stage 1 / Semester 2

Module Code Module Title
ADVT H1001 The Marketing Communications Industry
CTSY H1009 Trends in Cultures and Societies
STAT H1004 Introduction to Statistics
INFO H1023 Business I.T. and Intro to Data Analysis
MKTL H2000 Marketing Technology Landscape
Module Code Module Title
FREN H1029 French 2
GERM H1022 German 2
SPAN H1014 Spanish 2
CITZ H1001 Active Citizenship
COMM H1021 Media Communications
MNGT H1004 Principles of Management

Stage 2 / Semester 1

Module Code Module Title
ECON H1016 Behavioural Economics
INFO H2020 Database Systems
DESI H2004 Graphic Design
MKTG H2009 International Marketing Applications
LAWS H2013 Marketing Law
Module Code Module Title
MEDA H2005 Media Options
SPAN H2013 Spanish
MNGT H2010 Human Resource Management
FREN H2023 French 3
GERM H2016 German 3

Stage 2 / Semester 2

Module Code Module Title
REMT H2000 Research Methods
MKTG H2008 Mkt & Business Development
INFO H2013 Information Analysis for Decison Making
ACCT H2004 Fundamentals of Fin & Mgt Acc
DATA H2000 Data Warehousing and Business Intelligence
Module Code Module Title
PBRL H2000 PR and Media Relations
FNCE H2002 Personal Finance
FREN H2024 French 4
SPAN H2012 Spanish
GERM H2017 German 4

Stage 3 / Semester 1

Module Code Module Title
PMGT H3002 Project Management
MKTG H3026 Marketing Channel Management
AGDM H3000 Applied Global Digital Marketing
BEHV H3005 Consumer Behaviour
DAVS H3000 Data Analytics and Visualisation
Module Code Module Title
CSKF H3002 French 5
CSKG H3001 German Sem 5
SPAN H3030 Spanish 6
MNGT H3027 Event Management/IMC 1
SALE H1001 Sales Management

Stage 3 / Semester 2

Module Code Module Title
STAT H3007 Quantitative Methods for Marketing
INPJ H3001 Applied Industry Project / Placement
SMPR H3001 Social Media Marketing and Global PR
WADO H3000 Web/App Design & Optimisation
Module Code Module Title
GERM H3028 German 6
CSKS H3001 Spanish 5
CSKF H3003 French 6
MNGT H3053 Event Management/IMC 2
MKTG H3019 Services & Business Marketing