Higher Certificate
Programme Code: TA_KCOMP_C
Mode of Delivery:Full Time, Part Time
No. of Semesters:4
NFQ Level:6
Embedded Award:No
Programme Credits:120
Language of Instruction:English
CAO Code:
  1. TA302
CAO Code:This program educates and trains learners to a level where they are eligible for progression to programmes leading to the Ordinary Bachelor Degree in Science (Computing).

Programme Outcomes

On successful completion of this programme the learner will be able to :

PO1Knowledge - Breadth
 (a)The concepts and principles required to develop information systems. How Information Systems may be applied to business for competitive advantage. The techniques relevant to the design, development and implementation of information systems. Business organisation and management.
PO2Knowledge - Kind
 (a)Best practices and standards in the development of information systems. The concepts and principles required to successfully build information systems. Fundamental financial management and the dynamic nature of business and business operations. A variety of problem solving techniques. Project Management. Architecture of computer systems.
PO3Skill - Range
 (a)The use of CASE tools, development environments, database environments, web/multimedia environments and design environments. Systems analysis, design, implementation and testing techniques. The use and configuration of networking equipment and devices. Skills and techniques for database design and implementation. The use of numerical, statistical and financial skills relevant to information systems design. A commercial object oriented programming language. An operating system scripting language Project Management and software quality assurance tools. Interpersonal and team working skills The use of common office automation tools.
PO4Skill - Selectivity
 (a)The appropriateness of current and emerging tools sets for building information systems. A variety of problem solving techniques. Testing and Quality Assurance Techniques. Apply appropriate systems development life cycles. Design, develop and test software solutions to defined problems. Communicate effectively with professionals in the field of computing
PO5Competence - Context
 (a)Application of the skills developed throughout the course to analyse, design, develop and test an information system, as part of a project team. Use of project management and time management to complete the project within the time-frame. An understanding of the role of information technology within the industry and society in general. A knowledge of the various career opportunities open to IT professionals.
PO6Competence - Role
 (a)Use people management skills and provide leadership in the working environment, Work effectively as an individual in the development of software application Work effectively as a member of a software development team supporting and developing team members. Time management. Communication skills. Personal effectiveness. Organisational skills.
PO7Competence - Learning to Learn
 (a)An attitude that recognises the need to constantly update knowledge and skills. A professional and confident attitude towards a career in IT. Be able to take responsibility for their learning and learn independently.
PO8Competence - Insight
 (a)An ability to determine the major trends within IT. The graduate will demonstrate the ability to build an IT system or research & report on a current IT topic. An understanding of the impact of IT within society.

Semester Schedules

Stage 1 / Semester 1

Module Code Module Title
SWDV H1001 Software Development 1
INFO H1020 Business & Information Systems
WBDB H1002 Visual Design & User Experience
COAR H1001 Computer Architecture
CSKD H1000 Critical Skills Development
MATH H1030 Discrete Mathematics 1

Stage 1 / Semester 2

Module Code Module Title
OPSY H1001 Operating Systems Fundamentals
SWDV H1002 Software Development 2
DATA H1000 Database Fundamentals
SYAN H1004 Systems Analysis
STAT H1003 Statistics
COMM H1017 Social Media Communications

Stage 2 / Semester 1

Module Code Module Title
DBAS H2001 Advanced Database Technologies
SOEN H2001 Software Quality Assurance and Testing
NETW H2003 Network Fundamentals
WEBD H2001 Client-Side Web Development
MATH H2030 Discrete Mathematics 2
SWDV H2001 Software Development 3

Stage 2 / Semester 2

Module Code Module Title
PROJ H2030 Project
DATA H2001 Data Administration and Analysis
NETW H2004 Routing & Switching Essentials
SRTY H2001 Information Security
MNSC H2001 Management Science
SWDV H2002 Software Development 4
Module Code Module Title
SYAD H2000 Systems Analysis & Design