Short Title:Active Citizenship
Full Title:Active Citizenship
Module Code:CITZ H2001
Credits: 5
NFQ Level:6
Field of Study:Combined Arts
Module Delivered in 3 programme(s)
Module Author:DAVID IRWIN
Module Description:This module aims to involve students in extra-curricular activities of a voluntary nature which engages them in their community and in doing so, encourages activities beyond academic study that enhance the holistic learning experience of the student. It aims to recognise the effort that students put into being engaged in their community and help them develop as active citizens.
Learning Outcomes
On successful completion of this module the learner will be able to:
LO1 Apply learning to problems in society and identify, and investigate possible solutions
LO2 Determine his/her role in the wider society and reflect on concepts and theories which are essential to build a democratic society.
LO3 Explore his/her own values and motivations in order to display a personal value system that creates a fair and democratic society
LO4 Collect and analyse information necessary to develop a personal learning portfolio, which is autonomous and self directed.
LO5 Demonstrate leadership and initiative while using an objective approach to problem solving.
Pre-requisite learning
Co-requisite Modules
No Co-requisite modules listed

Module Content & Assessment

Content (The percentage workload breakdown is inidcative and subject to change) %
Induction and training with regard to the use of Student Diary Pro which allows the student to record tasks undertaken and match them against competencies. Student Diary Pro is available through Moodle with which all students are familiar and it also incorporates a reflection component.
Students will attend a variety of guest lectures offered by volunteers and volunteer agency managers.
Students will be provided with training from volunteer agencies and community groups.
Assessment Breakdown%
Course Work100.00%
Course Work
Assessment Type Assessment Description Outcome addressed % of total Assessment Date
Continuous Assessment Assessment will be based on the learning diary/portfolio submitted by the student.   100.00 n/a
No End of Module Formal Examination

IT Tallaght reserves the right to alter the nature and timings of assessment


Module Workload

This module has no Full Time workload.
This module has no Part Time workload.

Module Resources

Required Book Resources
  • Friedman Fixler, Jill, et al. 2007, Boomer Volunteer Engagement: Collaborate Today, Thrive Tomorrow, Group Publishing
  • McKee, Jonathan,, The New Breed: Understanding and Equipping the 21st Century Volunteer, AuthorHouse
This module does not have any article/paper resources
This module does not have any other resources

Module Delivered in

Programme Code Programme Semester Delivery
TA_BAMNG_B Bachelor of Business (Honours) in Management 3 Elective
TA_BAMNG_D Bachelor of Business in Management 3 Elective
TA_BADMN_C Higher Certificate in Business in Business Administration 3 Elective