Short Title:Organisation Theory
Full Title:Organisation Theory
Module Code:ORGT H3001
Credits: 5
Field of Study:Management and administration
Module Delivered in 1 programme(s)
Module Description:The aims of this module are: This module aims to provide students with knowledge and transferable skills which can be applied to various aspects of management; It aims to provide students with the skills and knowledge necessary to assess practical elements of management and evaluate tools of organisational analysis; It aims to explore the impact of current trends in managerial and organisational practice on the manager’s job.
Learning Outcomes
On successful completion of this module the learner will be able to:
LO1 Demonstrate an understanding of the fundamentals of Organisation Theory in the context of a variety of organisations
LO2 Explain why models are used in studying management and assess various management techniques as applied to cases presented
LO3 Integrate knowledge from different aspects of Organisational Theory, review and select techniques and procedures to organise management activities in specific scenarios
LO4 Use appropriate managerial principles in the critical evaluation of business issues
LO5 Apply specific theoretical concepts in a range of organisational contexts
LO6 Using specific tools, identify the broad sets of forces that exert influence on organisations

Module Content & Assessment

Course Work
Assessment Type Assessment Description Outcome addressed % of total Assessment Date
Continuous Assessment The continuous assessment component will take the form of an individual project in which students will apply the principles of Organisation Theory to particular work contexts. The assessment is designed to assess a student’s understanding of the issues surrounding Organisation Theory models/systems and their implementation in specific organisational work contexts. It will integrate the various learning outcomes of the module.   30.00 Week 10
End of Module Formal Examination
Assessment Type Assessment Description Outcome addressed % of total Assessment Date
Formal Exam End-of-Semester Final Examination 1,2,3,4,5,6 70.00 End-of-Semester

TU Dublin – Tallaght Campus reserves the right to alter the nature and timings of assessment


Module Workload

This module has no Full Time workload.
Workload: Part Time
Workload Type Workload Description Hours Frequency Average Weekly Learner Workload
Lecture Interactive Lecture and case studies 2.00 Every Week 2.00
Independent Learning Research, study and assignment 5.00 Every Week 5.00
Total Weekly Learner Workload 7.00
Total Weekly Contact Hours 2.00

Module Resources

Required Book Resources
  • Tiernan, S., Morley, M. And Foley, E. 2011, Modern Management, Gill and Macmillan Dublin
Recommended Book Resources
  • Daft, R. L. 2004, Organization Theory and Design, 8th Edition Ed., South-Western Pub Ohio
  • Robbins, S. P. and Coulter, M 2003, Management, 7th Edition Ed., Prentice Hall, International New Jersey
  • Griffin, R. W. 2002, Management, 7th Edition Ed., Houghton Mifflin New York
  • Naylor, J 2003, Management, 2nd Edition Ed., Prentice Hall London
  • Morgan, G 1997, Images of Organisation, Sage London
  • Handy, C 1993, Understanding Organisations, Penguin London
This module does not have any article/paper resources
This module does not have any other resources

Module Delivered in

Programme Code Programme Semester Delivery
TA_BTECH_D Bachelor of Science in the Management of Innovation and Technology 5 Mandatory