Higher Certificate in Science in Applied Biology

Higher Certificate
Programme Code: TA_SBIOL_C
Mode of Delivery:Full Time
No. of Semesters:4
NFQ Level:6
Embedded Award:No
Programme Credits:120
Language of Instruction:English
CAO Code:
  1. TA301
CAO Code:On completion of this Higher Certificate in Science (Applied Biology), and subject to satisfying the qualification criteria, students may be eligible to progress onto the B.Sc. (Ordinary) in Bioanalysis

Programme Outcomes

On successful completion of this programme the learner will be able to :

PO1Knowledge - Breadth
PO2Knowledge - Kind
 (a)Students will gain knowledge in the scientific areas of biology, chemistry, physics and maths, including an understanding of the theories and principles underlying these topics.
PO3Skill - Range
 (a)Students will be able to apply the knowledge gained and to integrate knowledge from other science subjects with biology.
PO5Competence - Context
 (a)Students will be competent in performing basic laboratory procedures using a range of laboratory procedures.
PO6Competence - Role
 (a)Students will be acquainted with the role of analysts and technicians in the industrial context and be familiarised with the skill sets required by each type of employee occupying these roles. They will be encouraged to view their development within the programme as a basis on which to build their skill sets to a level compatible with these roles & as a basis on which to develop a role as a research scientist. They will be able to work both individually and in teams within the laboratory environment.
PO7Competence - Learning to Learn
 (a)Students will be offered opportunities to objectively critique their courses and determine the features of their courses which propel them towards learning and develop their interest in the subject. They will be able to search for and locate sources of scientific information using electronic resources, the library and the media. Students will be asked to perform written and oral assignments. They will be shown how to improve the accuracy of their language and improve their scientific expression, including the correct use of scientific units and scientific notation as well as the appropriate use of molecular and species names.
PO8Competence - Insight
 (a)Students will be encouraged to express their views on topical issues in the scientific media. They will be encouraged to develop assignments on biological issues which are currently being presented in the popular media and asked to share their views with their peer groups via group-based discussions in lectures

Semester Schedules

Stage 1 / Semester 1

Module Code Module Title
BIO H1001 Biology 1
CHEM H1001 Chemistry I
PHYS H1001 Physics 1
MATH H1040 Mathematics 1
CSKD H1000 Critical Skills Development
LSKI H1006 Laboratory Skills I

Stage 1 / Semester 2

Module Code Module Title
BIOL H1002 Biology 2
CHEM H1002 Chemistry 2
PHYS H1002 Physics 2
MATH H1041 Mathematics 2
LSKI H1007 Laboratory Skills II

Stage 2 / Semester 1

Module Code Module Title
CHMS H2001 Scientific Analysis 1: Chromatographic Techniques & Measurement Systems
STAT H2005 Statistics
BIOC H2040 Principles of Biochemistry
MICR H2004 General Microbiology
LSKI H1004 Laboratory Skills 3 for Bioanalysis

Stage 2 / Semester 2

Module Code Module Title
SCAN H2003 Scientific Analysis 2
GENS H2001 Principles of Genetics
MICR H2005 Pharmaceutical Microbiology
BIOC H2005 Biochemistry
LSKI H2003 Laboratory skills 4 for Bioanalysis